Saturday, November 21, 2009


It's raining now, but it was a nice day.

It was a nice day, but it's raining now.

I've been going on an orange binge, the last couple days. It's flu season, and I guess my body knows what it wants, so I've just been heeding it and eating orange after orange and little else. Finally made it to the gym today, so hopefully the sugar levels won't be too horribly effected.

Made it to the bank around four, and wouldn't you know? They close at three thirty on Saturdays. Gah. Oh well, at least made it to Target and got the SD card for my camera, as well as a new pair of gloves and a hat! I finally found the hat to match my bogy coat!I'd like to quickly apologize to anyone whose sensitivities were offended by the unlit cigarette in my mouth, it was simply necessary to complete the image.

Today is Danika's birthday, so we're taking her out to dinner tomorrow to celebrate at an Applebee's. Should be fun, despite the latest unpleasentness regarding 'dish duty':

Iliana, Yui and I have naturally taken it upon ourselves to simply do the dishes when they need be done, regardless of whose they are... but Danika doesn't understand why she should do anyone's dishes but her own. After all, that's Socialism. As the only white girl in the apartment, we have resolved to humor her.

Tired now, and a bit headachey for no apparent reason, but still would like to call your attention to a few wonderful things:

My friend Jason has brought the movie Pray The Devil Back To Hell to my attention; I've yet to see it, but it revolves around the Women's Silent Protest in Liberia, and looks absolutely wonderful.

William Philips
, a ten year old boy from Arkansas has refused to say the Pledge Of Allegiance, based on the grounds that 'Liberty and Justice for all' does not apply to the gay and lesbian community. He is a very eloquent and compassionate child, and strengthens my desire to be a teacher more than ever. He mentions wanting to become a lawyer in his CNN interview, and I honestly hope he does become one some day, this country needs people, and children like him.

Stephen Colbert can sing
. This makes me inordinately happy.

There will probably be another post this week, with a rant or at least some Heine/Ovid quotes, but right now I'm going to curl up in bed and watch The Music Man for this first time. Good night and love to all!

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