Thursday, November 12, 2009


Got my test back early because, I swear, the teacher has a soft spot for me. :D I handed in my test early, and two minutes later he called me over and handed it back. Bought an orange to celebrate.

Now I'm home, too tired to cook - we're gonna order a pizza. Throat hurts, but still riding on my 93% high, and listening to Johnny's CD. He's a guy from my Math class who plays the flute, mandolin, and guitar, and we exchanged CDs this morning. His band's name is ManOverBoard and they have a pirate theme, me and the girls are gonna go see them perform next month.

In other news Sesame Street is 40 years old, and Stephen Colbert gives us his own special view on the matter.

I need to get in bed.


  1. Totally love your blog (dowdy indeed, you little monkey). Showed David, the Ameriphobe (is that a word?) your Heine quote and he was totally delighted. Should get him that book ...

    I hope we can get you here sometime! Rafi keeps asking ... Saba won the Xmas argument!

  2. Yes?

    Are we shabby or in poor taste?

    In any case, I am glad my comments did make a difference. I love your blog.