Friday, December 4, 2009

Nine Tenths of the Pleasure


But other than that, joy.

Thanksgiving was incredible, music, food and family, what else could a person possibly need in life? Carried my textbooks all the way there, cracked 'em once, and just let things lie. The result was apparent in my grade on Tuesday's test - but I've since then been allowed to retake it, and managed to wrestle that 73% up to an 81... still not remotely the grade I was aiming for, but turkey will take it's due, and I've already started cramming for the final. Still managed to hold onto my perfect attendance record despite yesterday's game. Yui and I, as the 'foreigners who just don't get it' were forced to silence our anger and misgivings at the warped town. Yes, I suppose living across from the stadium is stupid, but what do I know? I'm still trying to figure out why they pick up the ball, why it isn't even really a ball since it ain't exactly round, and keep touching each others' butts.

We won, naturally, TAKE THAT BEAVERS!!.... Whoever... you are...?

And here I am, having done 4 practice finals this morning, and now procrastinating instead of doing another. I can almost smell winter break... my Figure Drawing Final, while an amusing concept at first, has turned out to be far from a joke; it is an hour and a half of slidenotes, that is, making rough but accurate copies of the work of the masters, then expressing in the margin our impressions of composition, figure-ground relationship, the use of negative space, the heirarchies of size and focus, and all in the type of language that appeals to this man, Adam Grosowsky, my brilliant instructor. It's going to be a blast. I also intend to represent this picture:

In charcoal for extra credit. Isn't Jessica beautiful?

I have a few rants planned, and more news to impart... but it's nearly noon and I have to do some more practice tests before I head out. Love to all and Happy Holidays whatever that means...!


  1. The Beavers are Oregon State, the in-state rivals and the deadly enemy and you beat them 37-33. It must have been some game to watch. You and Yui have some lacunae in your education, alas. Saba still loves you.

  2. I sympathise, Maya, I too was brought up wrong, I prefer soccer!(Do they say that in polite society where you live?). In my present situation this gives me evenings off wwthout popcorn...
    Keep on enjoying life-
    The Other Yosefa