Friday, March 19, 2010


Spring Break! Whoo! I slept past noon today. Woke up, went to the gym, came home and gave Yui a driving lesson, went grocery shopping, came home again and realized I had absolutely nothing to do.

I keep getting this 'Okay, now I need to--' feeling, and then remembering finals are over. It's quite vertigo inducing. I can't express how strange it is not to have to study like a maniac. Haven't got my final grade yet, but I can tell by the instructor's page that it's in the low nineties. An A, please god I hope. He likes me, and giggled outloud while reading my extra credit essay on overpopulation and zombies. so I think it's all good.

Yet another unworthy soul asked me out the other day, this time in the person of Alex, a guy from my math class who is very good looking but thinks Kant and Math are stupid. So yeah, that was a no. I've decided to swear off anything remotely male at least until the end of next term. So I've been finding my romantic joy in other places:

Men I'm In Love With This Month:

Dick Van Dyke

Jon Stewart AND Fareed Zakaria

Naveen Andrews

David Boreanaz

Colin Firth

Salman Rushdie

Is it any surprise that I don't have time for real men? And that when I make that time, they inevitably fall short? Oh well. This is why God made chocolate and Youtube.

Leaving for Minnesota on the 25'th, and I will spend this week doing NOTHING. ...Well, relatively nothing, anyway. No asymptotes or reciprocal functions will be involved, to my great dismay. Going to bed now, need to wake up tomorrow and get an early start on watching The Dick Van Dyke Show and tentatively rewriting The Passover Knight, in other words, doing nothing. Good night!