Monday, February 8, 2010

My Life...

Is like dancing barefoot on a Persian rug while wearing a swishy skirt. With changly danglies, even.

Danika's boyfriend Nathan came to stay for the weekend; he's an Korean Navy Seal who now works in his parents' Korean Restaurant. Adorable. We approve. On Saturday we set out for the International Students' Formal Dinner which was held in a church in the middle of nowhere... technically downtown.
There was line dancing and other such silly notions, but we had a wonderful time. Afterwards, six young adults and a balloon, we drove to an ice cream parlor and, I'm sure, got on the nerves of everyone who wasn't us.

Talked to Chris Hoult this morning, and I'll be meeting up with him in London this summer - getting tickets to the Globe, Henry VIII!!! It's such a shame I'll be missing him in Going Postal...

I would like to mention that I haven't had a single drop of alcohol in over two weeks now, and while I've lost roughly 7lb and I really don't know if it's worth it... I have a hula-hoop instead -- Iliana[the lovely lady in magenta] and I have been steadily regressing, acquiring a hula-hoop, a jump rope, large chalk, and a little plastic parachutist we can toss off the balcony. TOYS. Apparently an acceptable replacement for beer.

Jon Stewart went on the O'Reily Factor, advocating for sanity. You can see the edited version here, but I would strongly suggest you watch the full unedited version, it's 42 minutes long, but wonderful. And Stephen Colbert expresses my exact attitude about social networking.

I've finished my homework, cleaned the kitchen, and now I'm listening to Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and trying to upload this weekend's pictures onto Facebook. ...Oh, and trying for god's sake to think what I can get Ari for his birthday...!!!


p.s. I just realized that for the first time in my life I know who won the Superbowl. ...I don't CARE, but I KNOW...


  1. Ari is already getting the best birthday present ever, namely you!!! We are so excited. Get him a nerdy book or something if you must ;-).

    Glad you are visiting Chris - give him a hug from us. We like Chris.

  2. In the name of the Super Bowl, I thank you for caring. Thank you also for the birthday wishes. When we have the Joey home schedule, we will set up the annual dinner with Y's canonical leg of lamb and carrot soup. (no the carrot does not have a leg) You will be sorely missed.
    I also approve of Chris. I recall when my future mother in law waxed enthusiastic about me after the first date with your Savta, it was almost the kiss of death to the courtship...apparently if her mother approved, it could not be good. Her first reactions was "OK, let her go out with him."