Wednesday, February 10, 2010


If there were a door,
Abyss of endless comfort in my mind,
My mind,
It -- would be as unfound by me, as you,
as me unfound by you.
Halve the distance, reciprocate,
Reciprocal in motion, function,
Tell me,
Can you feel the friction?
Can you feel the nearness, proximity to nothing?
You know there's only one thing,
Could never do,
The variable below the line prevents me,
I'm sorry,
Achilles, let the tortoise go.
I know.
In infinity's never ending swallow never hope
to touch,
I, Asymptote.

ASYMPTOTES ARE AWESOME!!!!!! I haven't been this excited about something since I discovered Heinrich Heine. I just can't get over the concept...! It has caused me to literally wax poetic. It has even made me want to learn Polynomial Long Division - which I'm getting better at, by the way. Variable in the Divisor? Pah! I can deal.

Next term will be the first in which I finally take some sort of English/Writing/Lit class, and will very likely prevent me from taking anymore math this year. AND I'M PISSED. I want to take Math 121, or Intro to Physics...! Last term I was upset because Math prevented me from taking English, and now I dread the lack of asymptotes come Spring. What hath taken place? Have I been stung by the maximum vertex of f(x)=|x|? The deadly yet addictive nectar of the origin flowing through my veins, screaming, yes, YES! n IS a positive integer! There ARE real zeroes! I shall dance, dance to the beat of the degree and leading term... all I need is my constant, my leading coefficient and I will know the end! ...Or at least the End Behavior.

And now some stupidity to balance out the Young with my Adult. This makes me laugh really hard. The context is entirely irrelevant. Feel free to stop it after minute 5.

Class now.

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