Thursday, December 23, 2010


Number of books I should currently be reading: 4

Number of people whose writing I should be reading: 3

Number of emails I should be answering: 8

Number of people I should be calling/making plans with: 3

So what am I actually doing with my time, you may ask? I'm drawing. For FUN. No commissions, no school related projects, just drawing for fun... which I haven't done... since the summer. Spent the last two days spending some serious quality time with Iliana before she headed home today, and now I've gone full blown Salinger. Since I dropped her off at the train-station I have left my room to pee, and liberate some grapes from the fridge. Nice guy from downstairs(Riley left yaaaaay) came up at one point with intent to 'hang' but I sent him packing claiming fatigue. All I want to do is draw, draw draw... and make romaw. Wow it's late. Tomorrow I'm gyming, cooking, and DRAWING dammit. Perhaps some of the many things awaiting attention will be reviewed but at the moment? drawdraw drawdrawdraw.

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