Saturday, January 30, 2010


My life is awesome. Just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Friggin' A

93% on my first Calculus test, and I am pleased. I have more to say, naturally, but I am currently allllmost late for class. I shall return, with a decisively loquacious agenda.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Height of Luxury

Listening to Loui in the shower. Zaba zoo zub zubeee abub ohhhh yeah.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Half Hearted

The past weekend was a great amount of fun; Danika and Yui traveled up to Portland to see their beaus while Iliana and I stayed in, hit some of the bars, and had an all-around incredible time. We baked all weekend to keep the apartment warm, and reached the point of inventing a new kind of cookie/biscuit/thing. They are called Monster Cookies and look like tumors - but they taste wonderful. A combination of honey, strawberrys, bananas and oatmeal. Go figure. On MLK day, Monday, we each donated $30 to the relief efforts in Haiti, via our cellphones - For people in the US, text the word HAITI to 90999. Automatically $10 will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Has anyone heard of Project H Design? It's a non-profit organization attempting to better the lives of the less fortunate through efficient and intelligent design. I let Colbert explain better than I can, my favorite are the glasses, what a brilliant concept!

In other news, I am enjoying my calculus class to what might be construed to be an indecent extreme. I have now become one of the people in the classroom who helps the other students while the instructor is busy with someone else. I hope I'm not jumping the gun too soon, since my first test is tomorrow, but so far all my homework and take home projects have received perfect scores. I despise my graphing calculator, admittedly, but the instructor has given me permission to solve what equations I can algebraically, or by graphing. Calculus is rather awesome, so much fun compared to Algebra, blech. Functions make me happy.

I have sadly dropped my Ice Skating Class, due to Dworsknees, but I and another girl who dropped the class on account of her ankles, have decided to take occassinal private lessons.

My voice lessons have apparently taken a turn for the serious - Here I was thinking I'd do some silly excersizes and sing a jazz standard or two, by my instructor, Siri Vik, will have none of that. I am, apparently, a coloratura, and expected to learn such pieces as Caro Mio Ben by Giuseppe Giordani, Bellini's Vaga Luna, and a spiritual I'm admittedly more comfortable with, called City of Heaven. Oh Boy.

Right now I am almost late for something silly; Yui and Danika, my roommates, have together formed a Women's Group called Confused; R.A. (Relationships Anonymous) in which a bunch of us young yet apparently jaded women gather together to bitch about men. The first meeting is today at the Starbucks on UO Campus, I am bringing some Monster Cookies, because why not? I helped with naming the club and adding to the manifesto, and am apparently expected to design us a poster as well. I will get right on that. Here is the manifesto, see if you can guess which were my suggestions?

1. Admit that we have problems.
2. Admit all problems are men’s fault.
3. All women are beautiful.
4. All men are wrong.
5. We are too hot handle.
6. We are beyond the help.
7. We are too cool for school.

It's all for fun, and if anyone dare get offended, they will be forced to watch a series of College Movies, read all works by Hemingway, and why not? Wax their legs.

I am getting later, so goodbye all and LOVE!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Okay Now...

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update, life has been a bit hectic but oh so very fun. Last night was my roommate Iliana's 21'st birthday and we tore up the town as was and thankfully still is age-appropriate.

While the dancing was fun and the liquor was good, I have to say my favorite part of the night, as are most of my favorite parts of night-outs, was the parts where we were simply wandering the midnight streets laughing too loudly and offending the local architecture.

This is one of my favorite little places in downtown Eugene - a statue memorializing Ken Kesey there is another wonderful one of Rosa Parks at the bus station.

We started our night in a Sushi bar, club hopped until roughly 2am - my ankles are actually bruised from dancing - then ended the night at Rennie's, the bar that is right across from our bus stop. As opposed to the one that is actually in our parking lot... Rennie's is much, much nicer, and they have specialty shot called Duck Farts.

I voted today in the internal elections, yes on measures 66 and 67 that will raise the income taxes of families making more than 250,000 to 11% as well as raising the minimum tax on corporations. I was intending to join some people I met last week in going door to door with fliers, today.... but I find myself somewhat unable to tear myself away from my bed's convenient proximity to the bathroom.

I am meeting a UO counselor tomorrow afternoon, so that will be interesting.

My roommate Danika (the adorable little redhead to my right) has been causing me immeasurable pain lately, a pain that I will now share with you. Prepare to cringe, these are all real.

Myself: It's easy to forgive Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, Mel Gibson is not on the same level, remotely.
Danika: But you said you liked the Lethal Weapon movies!
Myself: Yeah, but it's no "The Importance Of Being Earnest"!
Danika: Well he's not Shakespeare, y'know!

Danika: Thank yo'!
Myself: Thank yo'! ...I told you you'd like the Marx Bros!
Danika: Yes, Marko and Harpy were my favorites!

Danika: What are you doing?
Myself: Watching Stephen Colbert
Danika: The prime minister of France?

Danika: I've always wanted to play Jazz clarinet..!
Myself: Well you should probably start by listening to some Jazz music.
Danika: Yeah, who was that guy you were talking about? Charlie Coltrane?

I leave you with a wonderful insight into stupidity. I am going to go attempt to consume something now... hopefully it will remain inside of me for the appropriate time frame.

EDIT: Okay, for some reason the pictures I've posted here are disturbingly and inefficiently large, so in order to see them you'll have to click on them.

EDIT2: Iliana and I got tickets to Gabriel Iglesias!!!!!!!!